12LED Flameless Dripless Led Taper Candles with Timer Function Battery Operated Wedding Dinner Candle Set of 3 (Silver Glitter)

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Brand : GiveU
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12LED Flameless Dripless Led Taper Candles with Timer Function Battery Operated Wedding Dinner Candle Set of 3 (Silver Glitter)

Tired of Traditional Candles, concerned about children/Gravidae/ pets with real candles that Melt, Drip, Smoking, risk of fire when lighting...
Now the appearance of the FLAMELESS candle, designed to meet and surpass your expectations

Create Your New Environment Now!
?SAFE!!!Our candles are smoke-free, flame-free, and heat-free. Providing peace of mind and safety without the associated risks of traditional candles. Flameless Candle doesn't have an open flame and it doesn't heat up during usage.
?Applicable Users: Anybody. Our candles provide perfect results for those suffering from COPD, smoke allergies or hypersensitive asthma. Very easy to use, these candles can be turned on and off by the flick of a switch.
?Use For Occasions: Ambience, Holidays, Romance, Celebrations, Events, Mood, Restaurants & Bars, Churches, Weddings, Mantels, Dinning, Meditation, Gifts.

About Led Taper Candle
Material: unscented
Power Source: battery-powered
Type of Battery: 2x AA(Not included)
taper sizes: 1.8 centimeter Dia
3 different sizes Adjustable latex rings for each taper
Ring sizes:
S: 1.9 -2.3 centimeter Dia
M: 2.2 -2.4centimeter Dia
L: 2.4 -2.6centimeter Dia
Glow time is approximately 500 hours per battery pair

Quality Certification:
Full of Products Pass the CE verification.
Products in full compliance with the ROHS and CE standard.

Timer function Instruction:
6/H: 6 hours lights up, 18 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day.

How to inserting the batteries
1. Open the battery compartment cover by pushing the latch back and removing the cover completely.
2. Insert 2 x AA batteries into the battery compartment according to the polarity indicators inside the compartment.
3. Close the battery compartment cover by placing the 2 small tabs in the slots and pressing down to secure the latch.

Customer Service
If there is any question. Any Special requirement, please contact us first. We always be here for you!

  • Sweet and Romantic-The flickering bulb flameless LED candles are ideal for decorating your home on special days or festival. It can be used as mood lights night lights with votive holders or other holders like glass cups. You can put the tealight on table or other place in restaurants, home and garden wedding, party, home altar; church altar, bookcase, hallway festival decorations.
  • No Risks & Clean-More than one third of home fire start with candles, with our led taper candle, it release you from the fire risk. With its SAFETY even if there is no one in the room. It can be used in your bedroom and even with many naughty kids there. it is FLAMELESS and there are no worries about the mess and fire hazard.
  • 6-Hour Timer Feature-Inside the candle there are a 6-hour TIMER, ON/OFF switch for easy & convenient operation. The lights will be lit for 6 hours and then they will AUTOMATICALLY turn off for 18 hours and keep repeating this process, no waste of battery at all. Good choice for making surprise.
  • Realistic & Specifications-Made from real high quality wax, glitter powder wax body shines with a dazzling light, feels and looks like a real taper candle. Blinking slowly. 12 inches high. Package of 3. 3 different sizes silicone holder adapter including, fitting for most candle holder. Runs on 2x AA batteries (not included). An excellent substitute to traditional taper candle.
  • 100% Satisfaction Warranty-We are looking out for your satisfaction. We are extremely committed to our customers. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist.
  • Dimensions: 12 inches high, sold as a set of three, include 3 pair of different sizes silicone for fit candle holder
  • Real wax candles; Runs On 3xaa batteries(not included)and replaceable
  • Ust set the timer to illuminate the candle at the same time every day; Six-hour Daily timer function