11 Inch Heavy Duty Harp Fitter For Lamp Shades Polished Brass

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Brand : Satco
UPC : 045923707148

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Product Description:

This brass finished harp gives an added bonus of protecting the bulb from accidental breakage from being knocked over or bumped. Its heavy duty build makes it durable and sure to last. Most harps are interchangeable; switching the harp is easy and can usually get you a perfect fit. The LampsUSA Harp Fitting Formula is Harp Height = [Shade Height] [Drop] [1/2]. Take the total shade height and subtract about a 1/2. Then subtract the drop, most shades have drops of about 1. This can really affect your harp size, be sure to measure this before ordering.

  • COLOR Polished Brass Finish
  • PERFECT SIZE This lamp harp is 11" high, and fits lampshades around 12"-13" tall. Leaves plenty of room for standard light bulbs meant for lamps.
  • DURABLE Heavy Duty Construction with thickness of 5 mm makes it durable and is sure to last.
  • EASY TO INSTALL Includes detachable saddle, with center opening of 3/8, this can be removed if wishing to keep your existing saddle.
  • SUITABLE FOR Most table and floor lamps. This harp fits standard spider fitting lamp shades. Accepts standard 1/4"-27 threaded finials (finial and lamp shade not included).