10ft 8-rib Patio Umbrella Solar String Lights Warm White

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Brand : AV Prime Inc.
UPC : 616909136971

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Product Description:

Great LED Solar String Lights fit for our 10ft 8-rib Outdoor Patio Aluminum Umbrellas perfectly. Make your outdoor look beautiful in a very economical way. Enjoy the summer nights outside with your family and friends. These sting lights create a romantic ambiance which is great when you and your loved one want to spend some time outdoors.


No electric wiring is necessary since it is powered by the sun
Create a romantic ambiance
Long time usage
Saves energy
Safe and easy to use
Includes 50 all weather plastic clips to hold strands to umbrellas fabric cover


LED Light Color: Warm White
String Quantity: 8(fit for 8-rib umbrellas)
LED Quantity: 48
Each String Length: 52-3/4"
Solar Panel: 4.5V,112mA
Battery: LiFePO4,3.2V,500mAh
Fit for SIZE of Umbrella: 10ft 8-rib Aluminum Umbrella

Note:Light String Only, umbrella not included

Package Includes:

1 LED String Light
1 Solar Panel
1 Battery(installed in the panel)
50 Plastic Clips

  • Create romantic ambiance and ample warm lighting for outdoor patio & table umbrellas.
  • Latest improved solar panel, high conversion rate and long usage time.
  • Easy to use, safer than candles.
  • Add instant warm feeling to outdoor in a very economical way.
  • We recommend these lights if your umbrella fit for All of below conditions: 1. 10ft 8-rib Aluminum/Steel/Iron umbrella 2. Dimension of each rib: 1/2"W x 7/10"H 3. Shape of umbrella ribs: Elliptic