100w Super White Xenon Gas filled H4 HIGH/LOW Beam light bulbs for 97-09 Toyota Tacoma/97-99 Toyota Tercel/95-98 Volkswagen Cabrio/95-04 Volkswagen Eurovan

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Product Description:

OSRAM offers an extensive line of low voltage halogen lamps. The state-of-the-art processes provide precision filament alignment making these lamps ideal for applications that require accurate positioning, as in the medical and scientific markets. Lamps designed as HLX utilize Xenon gas in place of Krypton and provide up to 10% greater output over the life of the lamps. A selection of extra long life lamp options are also available and are designated with an "/ X". With over 100 years in lighting, OSRAM is a leading manufacturer for specialty lighting across many markets and is known for providing reliable, high performance products.

  • Tungsten lamp with precision filament alignment to ensure optimal light output that is both consistent and reliable
  • Replacement bulb for applications in the medical & scientific fields including microscopy, fiber illumination, surgical & dental overhead lighting, laboratory analysis, and diagnostics
  • Wattage: 275W, Voltage: 24V, Base: G6.35, Average Lifetime: 75hrs, Special Characteristics: Enhanced output with HLX technology
  • HLX technology provides 10% higher luminous efficacy over standard halogen
  • OSRAM provides high quality for the best long term value