Lighting Fixtures

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Zuo Tsunami Ceiling Lamp, Clear
Far more graceful than your average devastating storm, the Tsunami Ceiling Lamp is a whirl of acryli..
$276.08 $250.98
Zuo Sprite Ceiling Lamp, Small, Gold and Red
We know how the caged lamp sings. And sing it does, in a brilliant scarlet shade encased in a golden..
$47.58 $43.25
Zuo Modern Meteor Shower Ceiling lamp
Let the perfectly choreographed spiral of pendants mesmerize you. The Meteor shower ceiling lamp is ..
$503.80 $458.00
Zuo Modern Masterton Ceiling lamp Distressed, Black
Master ton ceiling lamp has a rustic yet contemporary feel with blown glass shape surrounding 3 clas..
$187.19 $170.17
Zuo Modern Kinetic Ceiling lamp
Half Chrome and half glass, the kinetic ceiling lamp is the perfect Hybrid. Fully adjustable to suit..
$101.19 $91.99
Zuo Modern Inertia Ceiling Lamp
Like bubbles rising in a champagne flute, the Inertia Ceiling Lamp has strands of blown glass orbs r..
$367.32 $333.93
Zuo Modern Gamma Ceiling Lamp, Translucent
The Gamma ceiling lamp has holographic blades of translucent plastic encompassing a chrome body. It ..
$194.13 $176.48
Zuo Modern Decadence Ceiling lamp
Let the warmth of glowing orbs fill your room with light. The Decadence Ceiling Lamp has seven glass..
$193.55 $175.95
Zuo Modern Asteroids Ceiling lamp, Clear
When the asteroids ceiling lamp balances metal and glass, it creates perfection. An adjustable heigh..
$168.29 $152.99
Zuo Modern 98247 Copper Ceiling Lamp, Matte Black
With beautiful curves and a lusterious bronze sheen, the Copper ceiling lamp will not go unoticed. O..
$197.99 $179.99
Zuo Modern 98243 Granite Ceiling Lamp, Beige
The granite ceiling lamp s large linen shade will create a warm glow in any room. Comes with one 10..
$183.26 $166.60
Zuo Modern 98237 Sapphire Ceiling Lamp, Small, Rust
Like a space probe from the mid-century space race, the Sapphire ceiling lamp s aged patina and over..
$288.19 $261.99
Zuo Modern 98236 Topaz Ceiling Lamp, Antique Black Gold
The gyroscope inspired design with frosted glass globe will brighten any area. The lamp comes with ..
$142.99 $129.99
Zuo Modern 98230 Agate Ceiling Lamp, Antique Black Gold
Operating on an ingenious synchronized pulley system, the Agate ceiling lamp moves up and down or si..
$305.25 $277.50
Zuo 50036 Bosonic Ceiling Lamp, Chrome
As they say, less is more . The Bosonic ceiling lamp has 10 chrome-dipped 25w bulbs hung by black b..
$133.75 $121.59
Zuo 50035 Tachyon Ceiling Lamp, Aluminum
Like a blossom opening from a branch, the Tachyon ceiling lamp emphasizes harmony with sophisticatio..
$358.51 $325.92
Zuo 50034 Nebula Ceiling Lamp, Black
Sexy and sophisticated is the feel of the Nebula ceiling lamp. The shade is di-cut aluminum with a c..
$281.51 $255.92
Zuo 50027 Warp Ceiling Lamp, Chrome
The Warp ceiling lamp creates an explosion of light in any room. Made from an aluminum shade and chr..
$148.49 $134.99
Zingz and Thingz Vintage Scrollwork Wall Sconce
Beautifully curled iron rods, covered in a vintage white hue, bend and flourish with timeless style ..
$30.79 $27.99
Zingz and Thingz Fleur-De-Lis Wall Sconce Duo (Set of 2)
This dazzling duo of candle sconces will dress up any wall with continental style and flair. Just ad..
$19.57 $17.79