10W Led 2G11 4-Pin Base Pl Lamp Lustaled 120V Daylight 6000K 18W Compact Fluorescent Lamp Equivalent Bulb Lamp For Pendant Lamps Ceiling Lights Desk Lamps (Remove Or Bypass Ballast, 2-Pack)

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Brand : Lustaled
UPC : 603335031505

2G11 LED Bulb


Dimension: 225(L)x42(W)x22(H)mm [8.86*1.65*0.87 inches]
Power: 10 Watts
LEDs: 16pcs Super Bright 2835 SMD LEDs
Input Voltage: 85-265VAC 50-60HZ
Lumen: 1000lm (18W fluorescent bulbs replacement)
Light Color: Daylight 6000K
Beam angle: 160 degree
Lamp Base: 2G11


2-Pack of Lustaled 10W 2G11 LED Bulb

Pendant Lamps, Ceiling Fixtures, Wall Washers, Wall Sconces, Basements, Recessed/Surface-mounted Downlights, Recessed Cans, Garages, Workshops, Table/Desk Lamps, Portables, Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Utility and Recreation Rooms and Porche.


Lustaled 2G11 4 Pin Base LED Light Bulb CAN NOT work with ballast. Please remove or bypass the BALLAST, before install to use.