2 Pack Outdoor Solar Led Bulb - Flyhoom Solarlightbulb 002 Portable Solar Lamp For Camping, Hiking, Emergency, Hurricanes, Power Outage, Water Resistant, White

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Brand : Flyhoom
SKU : BSTB0736P3V68
UPC : 606682578860

Multi-Functional PracticalityFlyhoom solar LED bulb has been created with the means for safer visibility and easier operation.Being solar it's easy to charge and with 2 option easy to use hooked lids.Keep it on a table or simply hang it on a branch to illuminate your environment and the solar lights we'll take care of the rest for you.It's Practical,convenient,simple,rechargeable and takes the worry out of the unexpected situation of power outages or where no power is in reach such as outdoors, indoors, camping,Hiking,Patio,Garden,under the hood of the car or similar situations where lighting is needed in emergency.