Xenon Bulbs

Xenon bulbs are a specialized type of gas discharge lamp. The electric light is produced by passing electricity through ionized xenon gas at high pressure. It produces a bright white light that closely resembles natural sunlight. Xenon light bulbs are widely used in medical lighting applications, film projection, medical, surgical, microscopic, endoscopic, scientific lighting, automotive, etc. Xenon bulbs burn three times brighter than standard halogen bulbs and they provide a more efficient alternative to halogen lights in surgical lighting applications and other halogen lamps in stage & studio lighting and entertainment. The ceramic multi-purpose xenon light bulbs are widely used by surgeons as headlamps because they are bright and do not have filaments, making them more compact, durable and also highly suitable for work in the Emergency Room. The lamps produce a bright white light that provides doctors and scientists high levels of detail when looking into dark spaces and cavities. For the same reasons, xenon light bulbs are also popular in stage & studio lighting. Their brightness allows them when used in cinema and other projectors to throw images with superior resolution across large distances, making them priceless to cinemas and theater applications. A lot of people are familiar with xenon light bulbs from their use in automobile headlights. Big care manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mercedes, and many others offer xenon lights on some of their models and many other manufacturers are beginning to do the same. A lot of consumers prefer using xenon lights for their headlights rather than incandescent light sources. Because xenon bulbs’ light reaches further and penetrates darkness more effectively, they offer the best solution for nighttime driving safety.

krypton bulb

If you are looking for an alternative to xenon light bulbs you can also try krypton light bulbKrypton lamps have a slightly higher initial investment than the other incandescent bulbs, but you will very quickly reap a return on your investment. One of the most important advantages of krypton bulbs is their long lives due to the low wattage they require to operate. If you install a low voltage halogen or incandescent, you will need a transformer to reduce the 120 volts to the amount required by the lamp, but krypton lamps use 120 volts so they do not require a transformer to be installed for their powering. You will often find them in chandeliers as their purer whiter light is better suited for indoor lighting. Many people do not like the yellowish hue cast by some lamps and hence in such circumstances, the slightly higher price of a krypton bulb comes in handy. It will help you avoid the straining of the eye. If your lights are to be in a room where reading or close up work is to be done, the whiter krypton lamps are beneficial over other incandescent.

Krypton & Xenon Bulbs

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