Incandescent Light Bulb

An incandescent light bulb or incandescent lamp is an electric light used to generate light energy where the production of light takes place with a tungsten filament heated by the electric current passing through it. A quartz or glass bulb is then used to protect the filament from oxidation. Additionally, the bulb is filled with inert gas. Even though incandescent bulbs are less efficient than other types of electric lights like CFL, LED lights, fluorescent lamps, etc. even now they are considered as an element of comfort and design and a device to produce light. The incandescent light bulb was first invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. The base of the bulb has metal contacts and is connected to the ends of the circuit where metal contacts are connected to wires attached to the filament. The tungsten filament is right at the center of the incandescent bulb with the help of a glass mount. When the incandescent bulb is given power supply, current flows through the filaments and wires which helps the bulb glow. In short, the incandescent bulb is light with wire filament which is heated at high temperatures so that it glows by producing visible light i.e. incandescence. 

Incandescent Bulb

Incandescent lights are not at all expensive to manufacture and are usually the cheapest option at the hardware store or supermarket. Incandescent lights offer reliable lighting without flickering. Unlike some types of bulbs, such as CFLs and sodium vapor bulbs, incandescent lights don't need a warm up period and can come on at full brightness as soon as you flick the switch. The materials used in an incandescent bulb are non-toxic, making it easier to dispose of used ones. The same isn't true of CFLs, which contain mercury, or sodium lamps, which contain a material (sodium) that can explode when exposed to air making it an environmental hazard. Even though many shoppers prefer dimmable CFL and LED bulbs, by contrast, all incandescent bulbs are dimmable, and because the glow of the filament is highly responsive to the current flowing through it, incandescent bulbs work the best on a dimmer switch than any other type of bulb. Despite the rapid growth of incandescent alternatives on the market, manufacturers still haven't made them fit in all small lamps and other specialty items. In some cases, using an incandescent bulb is your only choice.

Incandescent Light

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