GE 43828 400W Multi-Vapor MVR400/U M59/S R400 HID Metal Halide Light Bulb 4/PACK

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Brand : GE
UPC : 707137532625

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Product Description:

GE Multi-Vapor Metal Halide lamps feature sparkling white light, high operating efficiencies and long life. There's a GE Multi-Vapor lamp just right for your situation, and most require only a simple bulb change to revolutionize your lighting. Please note that metal halide lamps cannot be operated without a ballast. Suitable for open luminaires only if operated vertically +/- 15 degrees, provided the installation is not near people or flammable or combustible material; otherwise, this lamp must be operated in a suitably enclosed luminaire. GE 400W Multi-Vapor MVR400/U Metal Halide Light Bulbs are highly efficient, offer fantastic color rendition and have long service life of up to 20000 hours! With its output of 33100 lumen's, the GE 43828 bulb is ideal for outdoor applications such as landscape design, growing indoor plants and security fixtures.

  • 4-Pack
  • Bulb Shape: ED37
  • Lumens (light output): 36000
  • CRI: 65
  • Color Temperature: 4000 Kelvin