The Different Types Of Kitchen Lightings

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The Different Types Of Kitchen Lightings

In every room of the house, everyone uses both general lighting and task lighting. But, in the kitchen, both types of lighting are used. Kitchen lighting is very prominent as this is the key area where guests and relatives would like to peep in an enjoy the lighting.

1. Task Lighting: Task lighting is the lighting used to clearly see something one does. Reading lamps and desk lamps are two examples. General lighting is the illumination one uses to light up the whole area! In kitchen lighting, there could be three types of lighting – recessed fixtures, surface fixtures, and pendant fixtures. Kitchen ceiling lights are also very important because the light needs to very bright and the visibility in the kitchen is of prime importance.

2. In Kitchen ceiling lights, recessed lights are very important. They disappear into the ceiling and help preserve a sense of openness and space. Most of them prefer them because they seem to need less cleaning. In kitchen ceiling lights, recessed lights require enough open space above the ceiling. Because, recessed lights are above the face of the ceiling, they do not illuminate broad areas. It will take several of them to provide full general illumination for the average kitchen.

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3. Surface Lights: In kitchen lighting, surface lights can range from small “mushroom” fixtures that hold a single bulb to 2’ x 4’ fluorescent fixtures with multiple tubes. Because they are on the surface, there is no issue with the integrity of the ceiling. In kitchen lighting, surface fixtures can also light a wide area although small single – bulb fixtures will not cover a very large area. The area one covers is part of the process of choosing a fixture. Surface lights are also in general, easier to clean than recessed lights it’s just that the dust that collects in a recessed fixture is less visible.

Surface-mounted light fixtures were the standard choice for most general kitchen lighting form the early 20th century. With growing awareness of the greater efficiency of a closed ceiling plus the design of more attractive units, surface light fixtures started to make a comeback. In kitchen ceiling lights, today, many of them are using a combination of different fixture types to get the illumination one needs while keeping the system efficient.

4. Pendant Lights: In kitchen lighting, pendant lights are really a specialized form of surface lights. Their great advantage is that they bring the light closer to the areas where one need’s good visibility. Also, task lighting can also be installed.

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The judicious installation of pendant lighting can provide double service, by lighting both a work island and area around it.

5. Recessed lights are above the face of the ceiling in kitchen ceiling lights, they do not illuminate broad areas. It will take several of them to provide full general illumination for the average kitchen.