Lighting Tips for Every Room

Lighting Tips for Every Room

 Whether you wish to plan for a whole-house lighting makeover or merely change the illumination for a specific room, you can use the following tips for lighting design inspiration.  

Living Rooms / Family Rooms

The living room is where all the family members tend to gather for more extended periods and engage in numerous activities including eating food, watching TV, or playing board games. This is the room where people spend a lot of time in a day, and thus, there must be ambient lighting to dodge the shadows or descending direction of recessed lights.

 Depending on the ceiling of the room, the position of the entertainment units & air-conditioners and the colour of the room, you should plan the lighting makeover. One of the best ways is to install wall lights using a valance or soffit lighting. Table lamps can be used for task lighting; an LED or incandescent light bulb, pharmacy-style adjustable lamp, and apothecary-style reading lamp can be used for fancier arrangement.


With food preparation and clean-up being the main focus in the kitchen, it requires ample of ambient and task lighting. The most used corners, the top of the sink, and any other prominent corner where you do a lot of work must have task lighting. Many homes have under-cabinet lights to illuminate the countertop work surfaces to avoid relying on overhead lights that cast shadows on the person working at the counters.


With its heavy focus on the functions of food preparation and cleanup, as well as its tendency to be a gathering spot, the kitchen requires careful consideration of task and ambient illumination. Think in particular of the task lighting for the counters, where most of the work takes place, and over the sink.

 A basic illumination plan for a modest kitchen includes ceiling-mounted fixtures providing ambient light, under-cabinet fixtures for task lighting over the counters, pendant offering light over the island and soffit lighting for task lighting over the sink.




Bathrooms emphasize on personal grooming where one requires to look in the mirror; thus, careful consideration of light placement is needed. The best way for brightness in bathrooms is to install task lighting above the mirror and the opposite wall. A central ceiling mounted lighting is a no-no as it directs shadow over the person looking in the mirror, obstructing the correct view.

Outdoors Lights



Outdoor brightness is majorly required for security, safety on the pathways, and beautiful aesthetics. It is advised to use quality fixtures that are durable for long periods since the outdoor environment is harsh and requires proper maintenance of things. One can use brighter lights with small accessories to light the entire outdoors including the lawn, the pathway, and the driveway.

Dining Rooms

Dining room lighting must be able to provide both task and ambient lighting. Most of the dining rooms have dimmers as they provide affability in setting a relaxing atmosphere. Often, dining rooms have beautiful wallpapers. Considering that, more lumen are required to have adequate lighting.

Kitchen dining


A wide range of lights including wall lights, vanity lights, outdoor lights is available in the market for you to have a lighting makeover.

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