LED Emergency Lights - Long Lasting and Powerful Light Sources

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LED Emergency Lights - Long Lasting and Powerful Light Sources

Over the years, emergency lights have evolved from being a single bulb in a revolving dome to sophisticated LED emergency lights. Unlike the regular lights and fixtures, emergency lights have distinct requirements and specifications. The design of LED emergency lights is such that they are functional with several vehicles and make the tasks of the security personnel easy. Designed in a variety of structures and sizes, these lights require an exclusive license as there are strict rules regarding the flash patterns and intensity of the light emitted.

 Emergency lights can be either permanently attached to the vehicles or to be attached and removed as required. Some of the typical permanent LED emergency include large lightbars which can be seen on firetrucks, cop cars and ambulances. They are used to navigate through massive crowds or a dense traffic zone. These lightbars can be customized with a variety of blinking arrows and flash patterns. Many lightbars can be programmed to display warning messages asking the traffic to take diversions and avoid the emergency roads.

 That is all about the commercial use of emergency lights. LED is a light emitting diode that glows when a voltage is applied, and thus these lights run for a longer duration than the conventional light sources.

 Some other uses of such emergency lights include:

  • Load-shedding or power failure: This is extremely inconvenient at home or office. LED emergency lights can provide extended hours of backup light in the areas where power cuts are frequent.
  • Natural calamities such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters: They can be used as warning lights to illuminate the area of emergency evacuation or rescue missions. For instance, if a building or a multiplex needs to be emptied, the exit must be well-lit to facilitate the evacuation.
  • Outdoor Recreational Activities: LED emergency lights make cycling, camping, and hiking safer. These emit powerful flash than the regular lights and let you have your fun without any fear.
  • Vehicle breakdown: In the case of vehicle breakdowns during nighttime, LED emergency lights can be used as a warning light. They can be placed on the dashboard or at the back of the vehicle.

 LED emergency lights can be powered in numerous ways. Portable smaller lights are equipped with their own power units and can be charged by plugging into a power outlet. Larger units are directly connected to electric systems of the emergency vehicles so that they can be continuously used.

 Apart from LED, the emergency lights are available in thermoplastic, steel, and architectural. Thermoplastic emergency lights are fit for indoor use only while steel emergency lights are mainly used for institutional, industrial, and warehouse applications. Architectural emergency lights are designed for upscale interiors and recessed housing.

 LED lights, in, general, are a greener alternative to non-rechargeable battery operated lights. Since they are highly adaptable, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. Lightsdaddy.com is a one-stop shop for emergency lights and many other products such as deck lights, flashlight, police lights, and more. If you are looking for emergency lights or thinking of re-lighting your premises, visit lightsdaddy.com, and you will find something for your needs.