Getting Back to the School After Vacation Made Easy

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Getting Back to the School After Vacation Made Easy

Finally, the summer vacation is over, and so is the fun that accompanied it. It’s time to forget the late nights, endless sessions of games and chatter and lazy mornings. Now, it’s time to get back to school, learn exciting new things and meet new friends, albeit with a little amount of discipline.

This change of going back to school after an extended break, though very important and useful, can be a little unsettling for both - the parents as well as the kids. So let’s look at the following tips to make this transition smooth and enjoyable for the entire household:

1.Begin the preparations well in advance

 Begin your preparations for going back to the school well in advance. Start engaging the child in conversations about going back to school, meeting a new teacher and new classmates.

 Present the sunny side of the new beginning by feeling genuinely excited about the new learning opportunities that a school year presents. The child will sure catch up on the excitement.

  1. Make a ‘To-Do’ list

 List down all the things that you would need for the new school year. Encourage your kid also to take stock of items that she already has in terms of the books, stationery supplies, tiffin box, water bottle, school bags, etc. and list down her new requirements.

 This will bring in a sense of purpose to the entire planning process. You can take the child with you for shopping and turn it into a fun outing and learning experience.

  1. Bring a gradual change in the eating habits

 Summer is a time when we all deserve being pampered a little. It’s hard to say no to all the candies and ice-creams when you don’t have to worry about missing school due to cold and cough.

 Now that the vacation is over, it’s time to exercise a little discipline in terms of the food intake also. Start stocking up on nutritious vegetables and fruits. Make it a point that everyone in the family eats their portion of greens. This is the best way to encourage kids to adopt healthy eating habits and build up their energy and immunity.

 4.Establish a sleep routine

 Sleep is one crucial component of one’s health. A restful and sound sleep ensures that our concentration levels are high, and we feel energetic throughout the day. Early bedtime ensures that your sleep quota is fulfilled.

 You can gently guide your child to an early bedtime by creating a soothing ambiance in the kid’s bedroom. At, you will find plenty of options for calming night-lamps and colorful bed-table lights to create a serene surrounding where your child can quickly doze off.

 5.Build an attractive study corner

 You can set up a small, dedicated corer in your child’s bedroom to organize the books and toys. You can also include a small study table, adorn it with an attractive study lamp from This will make the child feel in charge of his belongings and increase her excitement for going to school.  

 6.Have a close family time

 We all experience some levels of anxiety while beginning something new in our lives. The kids are no exception. When they are still settling into the new routine, having intimate conversations with the family helps a great deal.

 Surrounded by the warm glow of soft nightlights from,  you can share the highlights of the day with your child or read a mesmerizing fairy-tale and cherish these moments of close bonding with your child.

 Thus, getting back to school can be one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences for the entire family with the right attitude and proper planning.